Aerobiology Instruction and Research, LLC (AIR) is a company with expertise in the assessment of indoor and outdoor bioaerosols.  AIR is engaged in teaching, research, and sample analysis for select clients.  Workshops are offered to train analysts in the technical, analytical, and cognitive skills required for accurate visual identification of pollen and fungal spores.  Seminars are also given on the health impacts of mold in homes and buildings.  AIR also contracts with environmental consulting firms to set up in-house fungal identification laboratories by providing on-site training.  AIR’s two principles, Michael Muilenberg, M.S., and Christine Rogers, Ph.D., have 60 years of combined experience in identifying pollen and fungal spores from indoor and outdoor samples.  Analytical services are offered for clients requiring expert, specialized analyses.


Pollen and Spore Identification Workshops

            Introductory Pollen Identification Workshop

            1 – 3 May 2017                                             Pollen workshop information and registration form

This 2 1/2 day workshop is perfect for anyone involved in or just learning pollen identification. We will cover background material on microscopy, flowering-plant reproductive biology, pollen morphology, sampling methods, analytical (counting) techniques, conversion to concentration, and reporting of recoveries. In addition, a large collection of reference slides and identification books will be available to challenge those with some experience who wish to expand the number of types they can identify.  

Introductory Fungal Spore Identification Workshop & Bioaerosol Sampler Workshop

            25-28 April 2016                                                                           Spore workshop information & registration

This 4-day workshop is designed for those who are beginning to work on fungal spore identification. The course is most appropriate for those wishing to learn the necessary fundamentals, including: fungal taxonomy, reproduction, and spore morphology. In this course we will cover the basics of microscopy, sampling methods, sampling protocols, sample preparation, counting procedures, conversions to concentration and proper reporting methods. Plenty of reference material (reference slides and books) will be available to aid the acquisition of fungal spore identification skills. In addition, samplers, slides and cassettes will be available so that participants can collect, prepare and examine their own air samples.  

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Pollen and Spore Reference Slides

Reference slides are available for purchase. Please check our listing of types available or email us to get information on special types and prices.


Analysis of Aerobiological Samples

Microscopic analysis of air sample slides from indoor or outdoor investigations. Fees based on quantity of work and required turn around time. Please call or email a description to get an individual quote for your project.

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